I created this blog to track changes of the research project that I am doing for my class Visual Communication Project II.

The research looks at two films by Turkish writer and director Derviş Zaim. Tabutta Rövaşata (1996) tells the grim tale about the daily struggle of a homeless person and his conflict with an authoritarian state. Filler ve Çimen (2000) tells the story of the megalomaniac frenzies of corrupt politicians, Mafioso and terrorists.

There were four major changes in Turkey in the nineties: developments towards an increasingly open market economy; the consolidation of mass media; a significant increase in migration into cities resulting in ghettoization; a move towards transparency of the state apparatus in the late nineties. I want to analyze if and how some of these developments are translated into the plot, cinematography, mise-en-scene and editing of Tabutta Rövaşata and Filler ve Çimen.


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